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About Permagard

PERMAGARD specializes in providing exceptional protective coatings for both interior and exterior surfaces, specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace, marine, and automotive industries. Our cutting-edge products are designed to seal all painted and gel-coated surfaces, creating a distinctive PERMAGARD wet-look effect that enhances the appearance of your assets. Not only do our coatings provide stunning appearance, but they also ensure ease of maintenance and a long lifespan of the coated surfaces, resulting in significant cost savings for the operator. Moreover, by using our products, you can elevate your personal brand’s image by showcasing your assets’ superior appearance, which is a priceless benefit.

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Textron Aviation

The Permagard Aerospace coating is approved by Textron Aviation across all brands and all models.

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Superior surface protection solution for all industries

Our high-performance protective coatings are not only environmentally safe but also engineered to enhance and maintain a like-new appearance for the lifetime of the paint for all aircraft, boats, and automobiles. We take pride in our cutting-edge research and development laboratories, which have been leading the industry for over two decades, making PERMAGARD the standard for aviation protective coating solutions.

Some of Our Clients

Permagard Blog

Dassault Aviation Business services

Achieving Excellence: Dassault Aviation Business Services Geneva Now Offers PERMAGARD

We are delighted to announce that Dassault Aviation Business Services facility in Geneva has undergone our rigorous training and certification process and is now authorized to...


Early Morning Shine

How do you clean a Permagard treated aircraft? Fly It! ” Here’s *** at o’dark thirty this AM in Las Palmos, Canary Islands, on our way...

gray airplane at permagard

European Elegance

The striking livery on this GB6000 received the ultimate finishing touch this week with a Permagard application by Certified Applicator, Fly N Shine France. The results,...

Permagard fleet.

The Fleet of PERMAGARD

Trusted with aviation professionals worldwide, PERMAGARD holds the reputation of premier paint protector. Our most recent PERMAGARD Aviation Application was with Redhead Equipment located in Saskatoon...

PERMAGARD Miami Training Center

Permagard’s Training Center is now located in South Miami. This is where the mastery of PERMAGARD application begins. Here we educate in the skills and qualifications to be a trained PERMAGARD application expert.

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